Thursday, 28 March 2013

What’s Your Personality?

Jewellery designers and traders share their design tips to complement your personality

Whether you are the kind of woman whose style is simple, funky,quirky or vintage,you have a wide array of hand-crafted and imitation jewellery to choose from. Not only does it enhance your appearance, but the right pair of earrings or necklace can make a statement as well.
Here are three inspiring jewellery designers and a jewellery trader who share their designs.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Luxury By Lineage

Image consultant Chhaya Momaya speaks about SoBo’s understated class, our pride of culture and how every outfit spells a conversation

“When I was 20, we were well-acquainted with a Kutchi family whose daughter was eligible for marriage. ‘I just love the way you carry yourself. Kindly, groom my daughter,’ the girl’s mother requested me. I went on to groom the girl into a complete package -- conversational skills, poise, fine-dining, how to be silverware savvy, how to eat various foods, clothes, make-up, travel etiquette and much more. The results were fantastic and viola she found her groom! There were cousins from that family who followed and then, there was no looking back.

Use Your Mind

Success coach- Mr.Sunil Parekh

Kandivali resident Sunil Parekh left a regular well-paying corporate life to start workshops that help people unravel the unlimited power of the mind

Today, Nagaraj Iyer, a CEO of an IT firm, is a cheerful person who enthusiastically looks forward to his day. Ditto Meenakshi Sharma, a Hindi teacher. But, two months ago, their lives told a different tale. While Iyer was succumbing to work pressure and was near depressed, Sharma had been facing severe cervical pain since two years. Their lives changed with a chance meeting with Kandivali resident Sunil Parekh, who ended up guiding them to solutions to their issues – just the way he had done for so many others.