Thursday, 25 October 2012

Style Bubble

Designers tell you how to make your very fashion statement

“I love what she is wearing!” It’s an oft-repeated statement, often by girls describing other girls’ clothes,accessories or footwear. Whatever you wear makes a statement. No wonder you attract attention when you are well-dressed. Fashion is a bubble which lasts for a few seconds but, gets etched into the memory of people watching you. So, let’s see what are the latest trends?
Here’s the story from the style gurus.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Audaciously Beautiful

"She is a beauty", is what we have often hear. And's it'smost often someone describing a luxury car. They are the perfect amalgamation of beauty and brains. No wonder, they command so much attention.

In recent years, the demand for luxury cars in India has grown tremendously. A large number of luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes- Benz can be seen cruising the roads. The manufacturers usually include a comprehensive service plan so it adds as a real financial advantage to the corporates.

So, what do head honchos look for in luxury cars? “Theywant the best tht technology has to offer," says Munaf Meghani, CEO of Audi Motors whose is proud of having a wide clientele from Juhu and its adjoining areas.
One such is Juhu resident, Manmohan Kapur, a film distributor who has a few luxury cars parked in the drive way of his home." I am always interested in knowing the technicalities of the car,".

 There are several other aspects as well. "CEO's being the leaders of the companies, look at the most wise decision as far as product performance is concerned," adds Meghani. Luxury cars are usually quieter, a lot smoother, with state of the art technologies and more comfortable, insulating you from the hustle-bustle of today's life.

Munaf Meghani,CEO,Audi Motors
"A luxury car is obviouly, also a status symbol," says Kapur who often travels fom Juhu to his Andheri office is fascinated with wide array of technological marvels on wheels displayed in several showrooms in the area. Another luxury car enthusiast from Juhu, Soketu Parikh-the President of the Bombay Productivity Council says, “ I bought a Mercedes because it blends with my lifestyle,”.
 These cars command a higher price in the market place hence they are usually equipped with almost all the safety features available in the market. Every ,CEO with his challenging life scenarios, needs to be prepared. “I prefer driving a SUV for long distance travel,”  says textile importer Arun Bhartiya, a Juhu resident since thirty years. When it comes to crash worthiness and protection SUV’s offer the best bet.

The unique driving fun, the prestige, leading edge technology and the feeling of power that comes with the luxury car are undenaible. Surrounded by luxury and structured with elegant design cues these cars make heads turn. That’s what makes a luxury car worthwhile and audaciously beautiful!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Meet the B-boy!

Do you remember how exciting and thrilling it was to spin a top. That's exactly how Ghulam Mohammed Khan feels when he does a head-stand,spins and leaves his hands to spin eighteen times just like a top. "Head-spinning is my forte,"says Khan, fondly called Sahil by his friends.Khan,a young member of the b-boying dance group called Sword-fish crew has travelled to various cities in India to perform.Their hiphop moves rocked the stage at Water Kingdom a few months ago leaving the audience awe-struck.

It all started two years ago when Khan saw a group of boys b-boying at a college fest.The thrill and high energy of the dance moves drove him towards it.He started by watching Korean b-boying videos and enrolling himself with a b-boying crew.With over eight hours of dedicated practice and hard work this young Oshiwara resident is one of the best head spinners of the crew.
B-boy Ghulam Mohammed Khan

Raised in a musical family,Khan has been surrounded by diverse music since the age of seven.With formal training in classical music from his father and uncle,Khan has come a long way.
 His musical journey started in school where he performed with noted singer Sunidhi Chauhan.He also won several singing competitions in college. "I wish to see the crowd cheer for me when I am singing," says the b-boy who recently won the annual talent search for the singing and dancing category at Mithibai college.Last year,Khan left the audience mesmerised with his head spins,power moves and freezes at the pre- launch of Masterchef India reality show.He won the first prize for dance at Ghungroo,an event held at this garden in May.Not only this,the multi-faceted entertainer got a standing ovation for his performance at a fashion show held at Rizvi college last month.

"I love Andheri,"says Ghulam cheerfully.The bboying crew which he is a part is from Andheri as well.Mcdonalds at Lokhandwala is a frequent haunt and is my favourite, says Khan.I love the crowd in Lokhandwala,however I find shopping at Lokhandwala market very expensive. His need for an open space for b-boying practice leads him to the Lokhandwala garden where he practices almost four to five times in a week.He is completely indifferent to the amused looks he recieves."They are now used to my cool footwork," says Khan.
B-Boying moves and spins

Apart from this,Khan has even acted in various commercials,the latest one being the Videocon Bazoomba.His b-boying moves in the Spinz deo commercial with Genelia Dsouza got him great visibility.
The talented b-boys footwork even dodges opponents at the football match which he regularly plays at the Millet Football Club.He alongwith his team have qualified to play at district levels of Maharashtra.
The b-boying experience does offer a few challenging experiences and even boasts of a few bruises on the head but it never deterred the spirit of this talented star.Being lean helps me to manage my body weight easily, says Khan.

With great determination and confidence,there is nothing to stop this powerhouse of talent.When asked about his future plans,the rising star confidently says,  "Iwish to be Indias' Micheal Jackson,."