Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Make-up to the monsoon

 Look your best during the mesmerizing monsoon

Colours look more radiant during the monsoon. From the grass which looks greener to colourful umbrellas and rainwear to bright lipsticks. This monsoon, dip into bright hues with perfection and look your best.
“It is advisable to vary your make-up according to the season, place of work as well as occasion,” agrees Shirin Merchant, proprietor, Cut and Make salon,Byculla.
Here are some expert tips:

Less is more
“It is essential to use a water-based concealer which acts as an umbrella for your face. It’s a myth that foundations or concealers are applied only before make-up. I advise my clients to begin their day with a gentle face-wash and apply a water-proof base on the face before they step out,” recommends Safiya Matcheswalla, proprietor, Fresh Faces, a Byculla-based salon.“This should be followed by water-proof kohl and a long-stay lip-gloss. That’s perfect for this weather,”says she.

Water-proof is the key
The monsoonis tamped with high humidity. “Water-proof is the key -- from your kohl, eyeliner, mascara to your lipstick,” says Merchant, adding, “Students and working women should use a black or brown eye-shadow, with an angular brush, over the kohl to avoid smudging. Transfer-resistant lipsticks in soft brown,mauve and beige work well too.”

Glow at the monsoon wedding
“A lot of monsoon weddings are taking place this year,” saysMatcheswalla. “You obviously want to look your best and avoid a make-up disaster,” adds Merchant. She suggests a few tips:
·       Wash your face with an appropriate face-wash according to your skin type.
·       Rub ice on the entire face.
·       Oily skins can use an astringent, whereas normal to dry skins can use a toner to refresh the skin.
·       Apply a water-based moisturizer according to your skin type.
·       Apply a very sheer layer of foundation.
·       Follow it with a compact.
·       Instead of using pencil/shadow on the eye-brows, use transparent mascara.
·       Go smoky according to the colour of your clothes. Blues, greens, browns or blacks can be used to contour the outer corners. The inner corners of the lid can be done with soft gold or silver.
·       Cake eye-liner can be used for the upper lids.
·       Use kohl for lower lids. Follow it with a cake liner for a smudge-proof effect.
·       End it with water-proof volume mascara.
·       Enhancethe cheek bones with a contour of peach or plum.
·       Pink, brown or even red for the lips, if you can carry it off.

Make-up don’ts
·       Overdoing the base on the face can result in your face appearing patchy which further results in cracking.
·       Cosmetic products which are not water-resistant are a complete no-no.

Skin care for the season
Ageing skin: A good cleansing routine, followed by a night repair crème.
For working women: Since they are exposed to pollution and dust which settles on the skin, a good cleansing and toning routine, followed by a nourishing crème left overnight works best.
For dry skin: Almond-based crèmes are great for dry skin.
For oily and acne-prone skin: Oil-free sunscreens during the day and any good crème to combat acne at night.

This article appeared in Bombay Times on 25th July-2012.

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