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Dare To Dream

Suyoung Kim- Founder- Dream Panorama
A young South Korean woman has taken to the busy streets of Mumbai to ask passersby what their dreams in life are. Meet Suyong Kim, a self-professed dreamer and founder of Dream Panorama - a year-long project, that involves meeting people across the globe and discussing their dreams.  Her goal is to 'inspire the world to dream'.

Harish Iyer
Kim’s recent stop in Mumbai yielded 24 interviews: “I find Mumbai a challenging city where I have gone through various emotions of love, hate, frustration and excitement,” says the 31-year-old. She discovered the dreams of people residing in Andheri, Bandra and Thane. People from the Dharavi slum shared their dreams with her too.  “ I hope to adopt a daughter and name her Arundati," says film maker Harish Iyer, a member of the LGBT community, when he shared his dream with Kim.

Mohammed Guide at the Dharavi slum
Kim began her journey of dreams in London, June 2011. To date she has interviewed 268 people of 56 nationalities in 73 cities and 21 countries. Her subjects come from all walks of life: Cobblers,construction workers, sex workers to transgendered people, pilots and refugees to soldiers and life coaches, housewives and more.“Young people have specific career aspirations while older people tend to just dream of a happy family life,” says Kim. “However, the dreams span a very broad spectrum: From an 8-year old boy wanting to become a Lego designer to a 78-year old mother who wants to see her son again before she dies. I have also encountered a Georgian village girl who wants to see the Eiffel Tower, a Lebanese celebrity who wants to live in a village, an Indian who wants to experience snow, and a Palestinian refugee who dreams of going back to her old house despite having spent 63 years in refugee camps.”

An Iranian laborer who wants to be a musician in a country where playing music is banned adds to the list.  There are a few whose dreams have already been realized. An Indian couple had their first date on Christmas Eve where they announced to Kim that they wish to be together for life and are now getting married in April.The Dream Panorama project fulfills one of Kim’s personal dreams. She listed the project among 83 dreams as she battled cancer at the age of 24. So far she has realized 36 dreams in 6 years which include learning to sail, becoming a qualified Thai massage practitioner, fulfilling her mom’s pilgrimage trip and publishing a bestseller!

She has also bagged a small role in an upcoming Bollywood film which was also one of her dreams and has appeared on several TV talk shows. Future dreams include climbing Mt. Everest and turning her project into a book and film. “ I am dreaming that who will play my role in the film,".

Kim’s tips for dreamers:

1) Think about EVERYTHING you wish to do as though it was your last day on earth.
2) Make a LIST of your dreams however small or big such as saying "I love you" to your family or travelling to Mars.

3) Prioritize them and give a timeline to each of them in the list. With the timeline your wish becomes a goal.

4) Visualize them and find others who are doing it.

5) Make a vision board with combination of such images and put it where you can see it everyday.

6) Imagine how you would feel when you achieve that dream.

7) Share dreams with friends and family.

Mumbai Mirror- 3rd March' 2012.

Truly enjoyed writing this story:) Cheers Kim:)


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