Friday, 16 March 2012

A Bazaar For Bargains

The otherwise quiet bylane of  Millat Nagar;  Oshiwara suddenly gets transformed into a shopper’s delight every Saturday between 10 am to 3pm. Its time for Shanivaar Bazaar! The place to shop anything from denims to desserts. A must visit for shoppers, this place satiates shoppers desires.

 Buzzing with activity, scores of shopkeepers sell designer jute bags on the streets, Designer jeans spill out of  tempos parked on the road and even chocolate cake being sold on a hand cart.

 “ The busy street has everything for everyone,” says Ashley Fernandes, a resident of Marol who was on his first visit to the the bazaar. People from all walks of life are scouting and purchasing different things from their shopping lists from household items, shoes, bags, accessories, fabrics, vegetables, fish and so much more.

Ex- model Garima Sood
Here,  you can still buy a piece of cloth  for Rs 20 which is so amazing,” says Amir Rizvi, a communication designer who often strolls down the street just for the joy of experiencing a street bazaar.  “ I pick up a lot of fabrics, frills and sequins from here. They are reasonable as compared to the bigger shops. This bazaar is at its best before festivals like Id and Diwali  says stylist Garima Sood from Lokhandwala Complex.

I picked up this designer coffee mug for Rs 50/-
This place is a complete delight for homemakers.  “ I visit this bazaar every fortnight to pick up household items,” says Uma Dhawan- a kindergarten teacher of a school at Oshiwara. “ I love the stationery items you get here,”  adds her seven year old daughter, Charmy. Home maker Roopa from Lokhandwala says, “ This market is a great place for great bargains,”. Another kindergarten teacher from Andheri, Yasmin Gandhi says “ I visit this place to pick up hair accessories which are a steal. Recently, I bought a skirt and a kurti too.  Does the stuff bought from here last for long? “ Of course, it does if used with care,” adds Gandhi.

Scores of shopkeepers from different parts of the city come here to exhibit their wares. Saddam Hussain aged 22 has been selling synthethic brocades here for the last two years. “ I make a profit of Rs 500 to Rs 1000 every Saturday but at times I don’t even make a penny,”.

While Hussain has stayed true to his brocade, some vendors are very flexible. You may see the same vendor selling fruit on one Saturday and household items on another. This unique selling technique helps survive and thrive in the Shanivaar bazaar.

 And the monsoon is no hindrance to the business. “ We all arrange bricks or stones on the ground.  Place plastic sheets on the top of these and then, we spread our goods for display.  When it pours,  we quickly cover them with spare plastic sheets. However we do incur losses incase of a heavy downpour which spoils our goods,” adds Hussain.

Saddam Hussain alongwith the other shopkeepers
 Whether you want to buy things for cheap or simply want to see the colourful sights of a bazaar, head to Oshiwara on Saturday for a unique shopping experience. 

Photos: Rizvi Aamir Abbas Syed.

Friday, 9 March 2012

No Strings Attached

When Daniel Tyler Pohnke from California got a flat on rent in Mumbai  within his budget and without paying any brokerage, he was thrilled. He manged this with the help of a new  interactive website named Flats without Brokers that directly connects renters and landlords without the middleman. It is here that Pohnke   fulfilled his need for accomodation and related information. This site also served as a guide for this new traveller where he made friends, read posts about getting second hand furniture and even getting an accommodating landlord.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Dare To Dream

Suyoung Kim- Founder- Dream Panorama