Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shed It Off

Lavina V Khanna taking the trampoline class
 Bounce off the pounds
We all enjoyed  watching John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty’s  well toned and chiselled  bodies in the  song Shut up and Bounce from the movie Dostana. Would you wish to have one by bouncing yourself to the beats of great pulsating music? Here is a popular workout-  the mini trampoline workout also known as the Rebound Power Jump which is a blend of great cardio and toning.  As you enter the Pulse studio, you watch several women and children checking  the legs of the mini trampolines. Step up on the trampoline and fitness instructor Lavina Khanna leads you through an exciting workout of warming up with light stretches alongwith weights, a few gentle bounces,  attempting different variations of toning routines, dance routines and cardio routines. The transition is made interesting  every five minutes with a change in music right from Rihaana and Pitbull  to Bollywood remixes.  Around 40-45 minutes of this perky activity and you can see all of them bouncing higher and higher! The joy on their faces is indescribable. Its like reliving your childhood memories.  Interestingly, the action of bouncing up and down against gravity takes you into a trance like state thus experiencing great fun while working out. “ The youngest student I have trained is six years old and I have a sixty seven year old bouncing as easily as the six year old,” says Lavina V Khanna.

Polarise  the pounds
Visualise this- A brightly lit studio, women barefoot, wearing shorts and halter backs swaying their bodies to  Don’t cha by Pussycat dolls combined with Be My Lover by La bouche on a static pole. “ The minimalistic  dress code ensures better grip and performance,” says fitness professional  Shilpa Rane who teaches pole fitness, exotic dance workouts and aerobic striptease since five years. After a specific intensive warm up which includes hip rolls, gentle spins and push ups comprising 20 minutes, you learn pole moves, spins and lifts followed  by a cool down to relax the muscles and enhance flexibility. “Once you have mastered all the spins and climbs we  graduate to wearing high heels( platform heels) while working out on the pole,”  says Rane. With emphasis on strength, endurance, posture and technique, this complete workout is exhilarating and keeps you coming back for more.

Exotic Dance Workout and Burlesque Dance Workout
A fun workout for women of any age which  is inspired from show girl dances like lap dance, strip tease, broadway erotica. It is  also popularly known as the Goddess workout, finding and acknowledging the goddess within you. A great toning workout which improves your posture, works on your core and lower body. “ I use props like satin scarves, bowler hats, faux fur and sticks which enhances the dance,” says Rane.

Aerobic Striptease
  A low impact workout popularised by Carmen Electra  also popularly known as cardio strip tease or strip aerobics which combines the sensual moves of strip tease with aerobics. There is no actual stripping involved. But some wear layers over their regular fitness clothes and those extra layers come off in the duration of the class.

  Dissolve the pounds

Snehal Bhal taking an Aqua fitness class
How often have you dipped into a pool and still shed pounds? Here is a workout for swimmers and non swimmers named  Aqua fitness- a type of resistance training  conducted in a swimming pool. As you enter the Goregaon Sports Club,  you see several men and women of all age groups dressed in bright swim wear in waist deep water. Aqua fitness trainer Snehal Bhal is standing on the deck with a cordless mike giving her well choreographed instructions. A ten minute warm up followed by stretches in water. She then leads you to an intense 40-45 minutes cardio and toning  workout followed by a cool down . “ We create the resistance by using water properties such as water density and buoyancy. Water currents massage the body acting as physical and mental stress relievers," says Bhal. Equipments like aqua noodles, hand paddles and dumbbells are used to add to the rigour and fun.
So lets dance away the blues either on a trampoline,pole or simply in water!


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