Friday, 17 February 2012

' I Have A Right To My Opinion'

How would you react if a twelve year old gives you a visiting card that speaks about her being a founder member of a children’s political party?  Meet Paratmika Padhya , the founder member of a Children’s political party called  Indian Baccha Party!

Indian Baccha Party
 “ I was disappointed when I went online to register myself as a member on the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and the Congress websites but couldn’t do so because of my age. I have a right to voice my opinion,” says Padhya. Her firm voice behind her petite frame conjures up a powerful message of a promising young politician. With an initial investment of Rs 18000 and great support from her parents, Padhya now has a website where below 18 year olds can enroll as members online and above 18 year olds as guardians. IBP's symbol says it all: four children against the backdrop of India's national flag holding hands for a better country.

 With a twenty member party within the age group of 5 to 17 years, Paratmika is spreading  awareness amongst the children to be conscious citizens. Her job profile? To regularly share updates on Facebook to enlighten young minds to know and understand the current happenings  about our political system.Future plans include a membership drive across schools in the area encouraging them to take an interest in the governance of the country.

“ Indira Gandhi is my role model. She started the Vanara Sena  - the Congress’ children's organization at the age of 12," she says, adding shyly, " I wish we had politics as a subject in school."


" I have informed my friends to tell their parents to cast their vote. All of us should not treat the voting day as a public holiday," says Jishan Sunil Dhruva, fellow IBP. " Its worth doing something like this. We feel powerful." Nihar, Rohit and Shruti, members IBP.

 “ Children of today are growing in an environment which makes them very aware. With the advent of the internet, they have tools exposing them to expand their horizons not to the microcosm of their own homes and society but they are exposed to views and ideas all across the globe. Their energies can be chanellised for effective contribution towards the betterment of society,” says Bhavna Jain- national political party.

 “ Parents should encourage children to read newspapers, atleast the front page headlines. That  will start a conversation,” says Nischal Padhya-Paratmika’s father. Paratmika’s father.

“ Her ideas about different forms of governance are “out of the box”. During one of the inquiries on the governance system we teachers encouraged her to be vocal about her views,”- Sanchita Barua, class teacher, Oberoi International School.

Rs 18000- The initial Invetsment.

These small messengers have innate voices that wish to be expressed in action. Probably, policymakers can tap into their enthusiasm and encourage them to actively contribute towards effective nation building in their own unique ways. May be their political skill of organizing and mobilizing groups and creating awareness about voting rights can bring about a transformation. May be these small community helpers can become good leaders in the future. Lets wait and watch this baccha party emerge as new leaders of India!


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