Friday, 17 February 2012

' I Have A Right To My Opinion'

How would you react if a twelve year old gives you a visiting card that speaks about her being a founder member of a children’s political party?  Meet Paratmika Padhya , the founder member of a Children’s political party called  Indian Baccha Party!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shed It Off

Lavina V Khanna taking the trampoline class
 Bounce off the pounds
We all enjoyed  watching John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty’s  well toned and chiselled  bodies in the  song Shut up and Bounce from the movie Dostana. Would you wish to have one by bouncing yourself to the beats of great pulsating music? Here is a popular workout-  the mini trampoline workout also known as the Rebound Power Jump which is a blend of great cardio and toning.  As you enter the Pulse studio, you watch several women and children checking  the legs of the mini trampolines. Step up on the trampoline and fitness instructor Lavina Khanna leads you through an exciting workout of warming up with light stretches alongwith weights, a few gentle bounces,  attempting different variations of toning routines, dance routines and cardio routines. The transition is made interesting  every five minutes with a change in music right from Rihaana and Pitbull  to Bollywood remixes.  Around 40-45 minutes of this perky activity and you can see all of them bouncing higher and higher! The joy on their faces is indescribable. Its like reliving your childhood memories.  Interestingly, the action of bouncing up and down against gravity takes you into a trance like state thus experiencing great fun while working out. “ The youngest student I have trained is six years old and I have a sixty seven year old bouncing as easily as the six year old,” says Lavina V Khanna.